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Stephanie Parent is a graduate of the Master of Professional Writing program at USC and attended the Baltimore School for the Arts as a piano major. She moved to Los Angeles because of Francesca Lia Block's WEETZIE BAT books, which might give you some idea of how much books mean to her. She also loves dogs, books about dogs, and sugary coffee drinks both hot and cold.
Untellable - Suzanne Lilly Books like Untellable by Suzanne Lilly are exactly why I started joining blog tours. While this book sounded interesting, I probably wouldn’t have made the time to read it on my own…and I ended up loving it, so I’m so glad I joined the blog tour and read it!My favorite thing about Untellable was definitely Suzanne Lilly’s writing style. She just had such an easy, smooth way with words that made reading the whole book a very pleasant experience, even when the subject matter was heavy. I loved her descriptions of the small country town setting (and the town’s name, Honey Creek, was great too!), and I especially liked the way she depicted Aspen’s love for swimming and the way she felt in the water. I liked all the characters too—Aspen was strong and resilient, Colton was such a great guy, and I really enjoyed minor characters like Linda too. The only character who got on my nerves a bit was Elise, but I think the author did a good job of showing that Elise’s mistakes were due to naiveté and lack of thought rather than any real malice. (As for Aspen’s father, there’s definitely some real malice there…but we weren’t supposed to like him!)The plot was fast-paced and kept me interested the entire time, with the danger from Aspen’s past looming over even as she shared sweet, romantic moments with Colton. As a romantic suspense, the plot was quite dramatic at points, and stretched the limits of credibility a few times, but I expect that in this type of story and didn’t really mind. The romance also developed very quickly, and was heightened by the dangerous situations that Aspen and Colton found themselves in. Again, since I enjoyed the story and really liked the characters, I wasn’t too bothered by the fact that their relationship might not be completely realistic.I am definitely a fan of Suzanne Lilly, and I was excited to see that her previous novel, Shades of the Future, also takes place in Honey Creek and features characters who make a brief appearance in Untellable. I will be picking up Shades of the Future soon, and I look forward to whatever Suzanne Lilly writes in the future!