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Stephanie Parent, Reader and Writer

Stephanie Parent is a graduate of the Master of Professional Writing program at USC and attended the Baltimore School for the Arts as a piano major. She moved to Los Angeles because of Francesca Lia Block's WEETZIE BAT books, which might give you some idea of how much books mean to her. She also loves dogs, books about dogs, and sugary coffee drinks both hot and cold.
Alaskan Nights - Nadia Scrieva I picked up ALASKAN NIGHTS because ever since reading JULIE OF THE WOLVES as a kid, I’ve been obsessed with Alaska and will read pretty much any book set there. Since Alaskan Nights is a romance novella, I was expecting a short, cute, light read…and that is not what I got AT ALL. No, I got so much more! I was very impressed by the amount of depth, emotion, and darkness as well as light (because there *were* plenty of light, cute moments too) the author packed into this shorter read.From the moment love-interest Callder Murphy first opened his mouth and spoke, I fell in love with him—really. Callder is the kind of guy who has a snarky, immature response to everything: when he first appears in the book, he’s just run into the heroine’s asshole boss’s car, and he explains that he mistook it for a “trash can.” But he’s hiding real pain and real feelings under that immature exterior…As for the heroine, Brynne, she also has a lot of emotional depth to her character. One scene in the middle of the novella, when Brynne reaches what is probably her lowest point in the story, actually made me a little teary.I loved the descriptions of the Alaskan landscape in this book too, although I could have used even more of them. I hope the author gives us more stories about Bryne and Callder, and since I know her other books are set in Alaska too, I am going to check them out soon!